Sleeping Cheetah Intends to be an Inspirational Site Devoted to Anyone Dealing with Rocky Roads in Honor of Alan

A couple friends want to know where they can donate money in honor of Alan. If so inclined, please consider the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

I used to work with one of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance‘s major scientists on polar bears and condors and sea turtles. We took Alan there when he first identified himself with cheetahs… see the new babies. The park has the people in cages that travel through wild broad lands. I think this would be a great start.

Here I am in the middle of my wildest dreams singin my songs into the Heart of Evergreen

I rode in on a rocky road beside you, for years I roamed, I didn’t know that you’d be the one to lead me home
Free to Be in Evergreen

We climbed a mountain along the way and kicked some rocks, both our lives were tied up and bound
in chains and locks, and Was it you or was it me that found the key, the key to our home here in the heart of Evergreen
lead me home
Free to Be in Evergreen

We stood on a rock beside the creek and tossed a line
Hoping for fish and never knowin what we would find
The thundercloud that hung over your head rolled back that day,
that’s when I knew that we found a home and you had led the way
lead me home
Free to be in Evergreen

The fox they play wild and free just like your soul
and the deer they stand just like you strong and bold
Elk herd graze along the road like signs to me ever free, ever home in the Heart of Evergreen
lead me home
Free to Be in Evergreen